Planned Maintenance

At Acesco, we can offer a full maintenance schedule for your business premises.  

Businesses have a legal requirement to ensure certain items and equipment are inspected and maintained but the majority of plant and machinery is not subject to statutory compliance.

It is down to the individual business owner to decide what type of maintenance programme suits their own needs.

Generally there are three types of maintenance:

Planned Maintenance

Regular inspections and replacing of consumable items (air filters, lubricants etc) to ensure breakdowns are less common and expensive to repair.

Condition based maintenance (Also known as fix-on-fail)

No regular maintenance so you save money on inspection/service costs but repair costs could be higher if that equipment breaks

Acesco can undertake a full assessment of assets and discuss what type of maintenance regime is best for your business.  The majority of businesses look to strike a balance between planned works and fix-on-fail depending on the purpose, type age and reliance on the equipment in question.  Acesco can implement a regime to suit your business and continually review the maintenance plan to see if efficiencies can be made.

Oh yes, the third type of maintenance….

Percussion based maintenance

Hitting something with a hammer until it’s fixed

Acesco don’t recommend this method of maintenance but we recognise it happens!


Property Services

Our Property Services include:

Planned Maintenance
Reactive Repairs
Statutory Compliance
Health & Safety

Planned Maintenance